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Atlanta Mermaid Party

Mermaid Pricing, Packages, and Characters

We have 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes mermaid parties. Our mermaids play games, sing, and take pictures, and our 60 and 90-minute packages will bring fun hair clips for all the party guests (up to 15). At every party, the birthday girl will receive a beautiful tiara and certificate (it’s waterproof!) for her to keep. At every party, the mermaid will also be accompanied by a "character attendant" to help her get around/make for a smooth party experience. Please note your pool must be wheelchair accessible OR you must coordinate your guests to be out of the pool area while our mermaid is walking to/from her car. 


If you are looking for a "walking tail/on-land" mermaid that pricing can be found under our "fairytale" packages. 

Swimming "Ariel" will involve an additional $25/wig styling fee. 

Mermaid (1).png

We have over 12 tail designs at our company. Because the sizing is extremely specific, we cannot guarantee a specific tail color, however, we do allow you to request a specific tail color and do our absolute best to honor it. For safety concerns and due to understudies always being in place, we do not allow you to pick your performer. While we cannot guarantee a specific performer, we understand that representation is extremely important. So, if you would like to request a performer of your child's ethnicity, we will do our very best to accommodate your wishes! 

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