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About Us

Creating a World of Magic

Looking back on my life, everything seems to have fallen together to allow me to create the small piece of magic that is Southern Belle Princess Parties .  I was fortunate enough to have a visit from my favorite character, Ariel, at my 7th birthday party. It was my dream come true. I told all the kids at school that Ariel was my friend and that she liked me enough to visit me. It changed my world. At 10 years old, I realized that Ariel was a performer and that I could do that same job one day. Thus began my journey of creating this company that would one day be my everything. 

My journey continued to lead me in the path of becoming a company owner in the best line of work there is - making memories and magic for little ones. At 16, I visited Walt Disney World with my high school and performed on one of their stages. It sparked a flame in me that could not be extinguished. 

After completing my Bachelors Degree, I decided to make my dream a reality and audition for the Disney College Program as a "Character Performer." And guess what - I was offered the job! I couldn't believe it. I skipped another offer to get a Masters Degree in England and went straight to Florida. 

In Florida, I learned so many important things about running a company, upholding character integrity and being a mascot and princess performer. When I returned back to my home town just south of Atlanta, I decided it was time to make my dream a reality - and thus began 

Southern Belle Princess Parties . 


In just four short years we have begun to grow in a way I would have never thought possible. We have the best performers, the most dedicated staff, the highest quality training, and the best costumes around. I feel so incredible blessed to be the in position I am in. Thank you for supporting my small business and allowing us to continue to thrive for now and for years to come. 

-Rebecca Walls

CEO, Founder of Southern Belle Princess Parties

Rebecca Becky Walls Dianne Owner Small Business Owner Southern Belle Princess Parties Character Rentals Disney Princess
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