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Mary Poppins Character, Atlanta Mary Poppins, Mary and Bert. Disney Characters for hire.

Client Contract and Policies

We are honored that you have chosen Southern Belle Princess Parties for your next event! To ensure that your event is a success, please look over the information below. By paying your deposit and confirming your booking, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Thank you! 

  1. Contract: By agreeing to work with us, the client agrees to the following terms & conditions.

  2. Communication: Email will be our primary means of communication. Email allows multiple employees to see your conversation history so that everyone is on the same page. It also means that all information, questions, and changes are documented in writing, so there are never communication discrepancies. We respond to most emails within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends. You are always welcome to call or text, but we are not always able to answer if we are out of the office, at another party, or on another call. You are encouraged to schedule a phone call ahead of time so that we can be sure we are available. 

  3. Deposit: An $85.00 deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your party or event date (or $125 for events with a total cost of more than $500). You have 24 hours from paying your deposit to receive a full refund of your booking deposit if you wish to cancel for any reason. Bookings and deposits are non-refundable after the initial 24-hour period. Payments may be made through Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Bank Transfer, or Credit/Debit Card. A check is allowed for corporate companies upon request and must be provided in advance.

  4.  Balance: The total invoice balance must be paid, at MINIMUM, 72 hours before your party. If your total amount is not paid at least 72 hours before your party you will incur a $10 late fee per day. It is imperative that your total amount is paid in advance so that Southern Belle Princess Parties may have the appropriate time to process your booking. Performers appreciate tips for a job well done, though tips are never expected. 

  5. Additional Time: The client understands that a timely departure is necessary in order for the performer to safely commute to his or her next event. If you wish to add time to your event, please contact us via email before your party. If a client realizes they want the performer to stay longer than the booked time at the event, the client must speak to the performer at the party about the matter. Staying additional time is at the discretion of the Performer. If additional time is needed at the event, the performer must be paid an additional $30 per additional 15 minutes. This must be paid in cash or via check at the time of the party before the additional time begins. If payment for the additional time is not collected the performer will leave as planned. If a performer foresees that a party could run longer than expected, she or he may pull aside the parent and discreetly ask if the parent would like the performer to stay longer. 

  6. Smoking and Alcohol: The costumes and property of Southern Belle Princess Parties are very valuable and will not be subject to smoke of any kind which can damage the costume/performer. If a guest is seen smoking at your party, the client is expected to ensure that the guest stops immediately. While we do not have a policy against alcohol around our performers, accessive drinking should be avoided. If the performer feels uncomfortable due to smoking or excessive drinking, they hold the right to end their visit early, with no refund provided to the client. 

  7. Cancellations: When a client books with us, we hold the character/time/performer for them. Canceling causes our performers to lose pay for the time they have dedicated to your event and causes the company to turn away other clients who would not have canceled. We understand that sometimes cancelations are needed and we will allow cancelations at any time and refund the client the full amount they have paid minus the deposit if the client cancels. If the client needs to reschedule their event due to weather, unforeseen circumstances, or illness, the client may reschedule the event once, free of charge, as long as the rescheduling happens at least 10 days before the party. If the client wishes to reschedule less than 10 days before the party (or more than once) then the client will be subject to a 15% rescheduling fee. If the client is rescheduling the day of the party, a 30% rescheduling fee will be charged.  Please have a rain plan for your event. 

  8. Activities: All activity options are listed on the website and available upon request. Unless requested for alternative activity options, the performer(s) will perform the package activities listed under your party package.  A performer may alter activities if he/she sees the need during the party. If you wish the performer to never stray from their planned activity, it is the client's responsibility to make sure the children are actively listening and participating.

  9. Changes to Party Start Time: When you book us, we do not need to know your party start time. We need to know your CHARACTER ARRIVAL TIME (usually about 30 minutes into your party). Changes in party start time by request of the client will be accommodated at the discretion of the booking team and are based on availability. Any changes must be made more than 48 hours from the party date.  

  10. Location: Proper accommodations will be provided by the client. If rain occurs and the event has been scheduled outdoors, it is the responsibility of the client to arrange for an indoor event. Water for each performer should be provided by the client. For temperatures below 60F degrees or above 85F degrees, the party must take place in an indoor venue. Activities may be affected depending on the conditions. Please have an inclement weather plan for your event.

  11. Allergies: The client must inform Southern Belle Princess Parties of any allergies to food or products such as nail polish, latex, acrylics, temporary tattoos, or face paints prior to the event or party. The client understands that Southern Belle Princess Parties are NOT responsible for any injuries or allergic reactions that occur at your event.

  12. Photo Release: On occasion, our assistants may take photos at your party as a training or marketing tool. Any photos you publicly post to any of our social media pages and any photos taken are hereby signed as released to be used by Southern Belle Princess Parties for our website, social media, and promotional use. If you do not want any pictures of your party taken, please let us know in advance.

  13. Pets: All pets, with the exception of service animals, must be contained away from the party area. 

  14. Damage: We understand that accidents happen, however, the client may be held responsible for any damage deemed EXCESSIVE to costumes and property of Southern Belle Princess Parties during the client’s event. The cost to replace/repair damaged/broken costumes or materials will be billed to the client. Keep in mind that water slides may not be the best thing to have at a princess party. If your event is outdoors and there is water involved, mud may damage the costumes and you will incur a fee. 

  15. Discipline and Non-Participation: The performer is responsible for the flow of the event and activities. The client is responsible for monitoring disruptive behavior and attending to any child who does not want to participate. If a child or guest at a party is being disruptive past a reasonable point the performer has permission to change the party activities as needed OR to ask an adult at the party to escort the disruptive behavior away from the activities.  

  16. Adults at the Event: We ask that the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the birthday child please stay for the duration of the party to attend to the possible needs of the children. Adults are welcome to stay and enjoy the performance, but we ask that onlookers keep the noise level to a minimum so the children do not get distracted and can adequately hear instructions from the performer. 

  17. Performer Preference: We do our best to cast every performer as accurately as possible. We will never send you a performer that does not resemble your character or share ethnic features with your character. A client’s performer request is based on the availability of performers and is NEVER guaranteed or promised. A $50 vanity charge may be added to your invoice if we are able to accommodate your request. Even with this fee, a specific performer is never guaranteed. 

  18. Activities: Southern Belle Princess Parties purposefully plans plenty of activities and games so that the performer never runs out of things to do with the children. If the client has a request for the activity order preference they should make this known at least 48 hours before the party to at the party or to the performer directly at the party. If no preference is given, it is up to the discretion of the performer to decide the activity order. All performers are trained to "read the room" and lead activities in the order they feel best suits the needs of their guests. The performer will do their best to complete all activities, however, if unforeseen circumstances do not allow all activities to be completed they may stay up to 5 minutes past the party end time to complete the activities at no additional cost. 

  19. Liability: The client agrees to hold and keep harmless Southern Belle Princess Parties and its performers from any and all property damages and/or bodily injury damage caused by the client or any/all guests. Southern Belle Princess Parties nor any of its contractors or employees are responsible for any damages that occur to any persons or properties for any client or company.

  20. Safety: Our performers are trained to keep the safety of your guests in mind at all times. If there is ever a situation where the performer(s) or manager(s) feel unsafe, they may address the issue with the parent/guardian/client. If the issue is not resolved, the performer will leave. We hold the right to leave at any time due to safety concerns. This includes hostile language over texts and phone calls prior to the party. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CLIMB OR HANG FROM THE CHARACTER, MERMAID, OR MASCOT AT ANY TIME. Children like to “punch, kick, and hit” our mascots and superheroes. Your character will leave your party if this happens and activities will not continue.

  21. Managers: If your party has a character assistant present, the assistant's role is to assist the character and NOT to control children/guests. 

  22.  Your Event: Party details can always be found on your invoice and will be sent in an email confirmation at least three days prior to your event.

  23.  Breach: Any breach in this contract by the client automatically constitutes a cancellation of your party/event and any and all payments made to Southern Belle Princess Parties will be forfeited by the client. ​ 

  24. Our guarantee to you in unforeseen circumstances: In the extremely rare event that the following indecent occurs, we want you to know exactly how we will compensate you: 

  • Tardiness:  We give our performers an extra 30 minutes more driving time than they should need for every event, but unfortunately traffic and other incidents can occur. As we navigate to your party, we ask for your patience and will continue to give you ETA updates as we have them. We will always stay the full length of time that you have booked us for and will give you the following options to help amend the situation.

    • 1 - 30 Minutes Late: We will be sending your child a special card/note in the mail from their character as well as a coupon for you.

    • 30 - 60 Minutes Late: We will be refunding you 10% of the cost of your party, as an apology for this inconvenience. We will also be sending your child a special card/note in the mail from their character as well as a coupon for you. 

    • 60 + Minutes Late: We will give you the option to cancel the party for a full refund and give you a free 30-minute visit at a later date OR we will continue to your party and will refund you 50% of the total amount you paid.

  • A character called out: In the extremely unlikely event that we are unable to send the correct character to your party (this happens about 1/2800 parties), we will make it right by offering you the choice of one of the following options:  

    • We will give a list of characters available for your party and allow you to choose one of them instead. In this instance your party will proceed as planned with the new character and the originally scheduled character will send your child a video wishing them a happy birthday as soon as possible, so that you may keep your planned party date. 

    • We will give you the option to cancel for a full refund and we will give you a free 30-minute party that can be scheduled at a future date. 

    • If an “additional character” is the one who cannot make it we will give you the option to choose someone else in their place OR we will refund you in full for the additional character and send you a video from that character wishing your child a happy birthday as early as possible.

             25. Special Notes about Mermaid Parties: Mermaids must be given the ability to walk to the pool and change without children present. After the change occurs, guests may enter the room/yard. Guests must then be ushered out of the room for the mermaid to change into “human legs” and walk out of the facility. Our mermaids also have wheelchairs and are able to come in their tails and use a wheelchair-accessible entrance to the poolside if necessary. If these conditions are not honored by the client at the event, the client will be billed for any extra time the mermaid stays waiting for the space to clear. 

  • For swimming parties, the performer has the ability to change any and all activities as needed. For example, if more than 7 children are in the pool at a time the performer may have to do her activities from the side of the pool. Swimming parties include games, mermaid lessons, and singing.

  • For inclement weather, please have a rain plan for your party. Our mermaids can perform at your party sitting in their wheelchairs or they can change to a “walking mermaid tail” to sing and dance at your party.

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