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Frozen Characters Atlanta

Frozen Characters

Below you will find our Frozen Characters. Ice Queen, Snow Sister, and Ice Harvester are priced as Fairytale Characters. Our Snowman is priced as a Mascot Character.


 Our characters have ice-skating dresses, Coronation Dresses, Travel Dresses, Sequel Travel Dresses, Sequel Spirit and Coronation Dresses, Spring Fever Dresses, and Holiday Dresses. If you do not specify a costume at the time of booking, our performers will choose between the character's main Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 Dresses. 

Although we never allow you to "pick" your performer due to safety reasons and the nature of the entertainment industry, we do believe that we should prove to our clients that we cast accurately with all our characters. Please see below the headshots of all our performers who portray our Ice Queen Characters. 

Ice Queen Performers

Snow Sister Performers

Ice Harvester Performers