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Swimming Mermaids Characters Atlanta

Swimming Mermaids

At our company, we have a lot of mermaid options! 

First, we have swimming mermaids. These prices can be found here. These mermaids are great for corporate meet and greets (photos only) and pool parties. You may request a specific ethnic background for your mermaid to represent your child and we will do our best to honor this request. As always, a specific performer is never guaranteed. 

Second, we have Ariel in a walking tail, a swimming mermaid tail (mermaid pricing plus a $25 upcharge), and all her movie dresses. Ariel is priced as a Fairytale Character

Third, we have walking tail mermaids. These mermaids can be found on this page and are priced as Fairytale Characters. Our walking tail mermaids are the perfect mermaid option for parties without a swimming pool, indoor parties, or clients wanting to save a little bit of money. We have a green, blue, purple, and pink-rainbow tail. Our performers can wear wigs or their natural hair and these mermaids can be customized for your party theme. 

Although we never allow you to "pick" your performer due to safety reasons and the nature of the entertainment industry, we do believe that we should prove to our clients that we cast accurately with all our characters. Please see below the headshots of all our performers who portray our Swimming Mermaid Characters. 

Swimming Mermaids

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