Supporting Small Business: What exactly and I paying for?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Getting a character for your child's birthday can be so expensive that it honestly feels like an investment - but here's the truth - it IS an investment. Every person has the opportunity to make childhood memories only ONCE in their lives. Giving a child birthday memories that they can always look back on is an investment in their happiness, outlook, and future. It can spark interest and have a lasting effect (look at me, the creator of Southern Belle Princess Parties - where would I be if my mother hadn't booked Ariel for my 7th birthday?). This is why I take character quality and character integrity very seriously. Take a look below to see exactly what you are paying for when you book a character with southern Belle Princess Parties.

Disney princess party rental in atlanta where my money goes

The Costumes, The Wigs, The Look, The Magic.

The Costumes: on average, one dress will cost your princess/character company anywhere from $35 (we're talking Amazon, Party City, and Goodwill stuff) to $1,500 depending on the commissioner. Party City costumes are easy to get. They are available year round and usually have the logo of the character you are looking for (just in case you couldn't tell who your character is just by looking at them). However, we don't settle for easy here at Southern Belle Princess Parties. Each of our costume takes approximately 12-14 months to make. They are hand sewed with the finest fabrics and skills (many of our dress commissioners used to work for Disney World and have access to authentic Disney Fabrics). These are not dresses you will find on Etsy or anywhere on the internet. We spend hours upon hours researching to find only the best for your child and for our company. After each party, I take the time to hand clean all our dresses so they always look (and smell) perfectly.

The Wigs: wigs make the character. Let me say that again for the people in the back - without a good wig you will not have a good character. Your character can be dressed in jeans and t-shirt and a child will still recognize them (and believe they are real) if they have the right wig. Wigs are probably the most difficult part of owning a character company as they are fragile and need constant care. An amazon wig can run about $35-55. Our wigs are $250-550 depending on the character and require about a 6-8 month wait time to receive them from our commissioners (who you cannot find on Etsy as they currently work at Walt Disney World). Our wigs have to be touched up every single time they are worn. That means that even if you book our company for a 30 minute party, we will still be spending approximately an hour worth of time after your party freshening up the wig.

The Look: have you ever seen a Disney Princess without her makeup on? Neither have I! Whether you meet a character at Walt Disney World or at Southern Belle Princess Parties you are meeting a human being who is doing her best to portray a cartoon. This requires an extensive amount of makeup. Makeup costs can be anywhere from $100-$250 per performer, per year. We currently have about 35 performers at our company. When you book a character, it takes about an hour to do their makeup perfectly. That means whether you book a 30 minute visit or a 2-hr. visit we are still spending about an hour before your party on the perfect look for your visit!

Owning a Small Business - Where your Money Goes!

Before I created my business I had no idea how much money goes straight into it! Here are just a few of our monthly costs - a few places where your money goes when you book our company:

  • Costumes

  • Wigs

  • Shoes

  • Makeup

  • Insurance ($50