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Crafting Ideas

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Crafts are a fun way to spend the day with your child, to help build their motor skills, and to add a fun and inexpensive activity to any princess or superhero party.

Ariel Sensory Wave Bottles

What You Need:

- A Clear Plastic Bottle with Lid 

- Water

- Plastic Wrap 

- Tape and/or Glue 

- 1 TBSP of Vegetable Oil 

- 1-2 Drops Blue Food Dye 

- Sand

- Sea Shells

- Loose Glitter 

- Beads 

- Small rocks 

- Any little thingamabobs you have laying around that you want to add to your bottle!

To begin, fill our bottle a little over halfway with water. Next, add in your sand, rocks, beads, and shells. About 4-5 cm of your treasures covering the bottom of the bottle will do! Next add the vegetable oil to your bottle. Add the lid to your bottle and give it a little shake until all the object mix together. Next, open your bottle back up and add your glitter. When your glitter is in there, fill the rest of the bottle up to the top with water (leaving about 3 cm of air at the top). Next, use the plastic wrap to cover the opening at the top of the bottle, if using glue, put glue around the grooves inside of the lid and screw on tight, then tape around the top of the lid and bottle. If using only tape be sure you secure the top in place with a few layers of tape! 

Snow White’s Not So Poisoned Apple 

What You Need:

- Toilet paper tube or paper towel tube cut in 3 

- Tape or adhesive dots 

- Red Construction paper or green if going for a poison apple look! 

- Scissors

First, cut your construction paper into half inch strips. Then put a strip of tape at the top and bottom of your paper strips. Tape the strip to the inside of the top and bottom of your tube, overlapping them slightly inside of the tube. Pinch the bottom of the construction paper to give it a bit more of that apple shape and do this around the whole tube. Next, cut a little stem and leaf out of paper and glue it to the side of the stem (you can also use this as a time to get outside for a bit and find the perfect natural twig and leaf to complete your creation).

Additionally, if you want to add a bit more to this activity you can let your child color a white piece of construction paper and way they want and then use those strips to make it an even more personalized apple! 

Elsa's Squeaky Clean Snow

What You Need:

- 1 tbsp Hand Soap

- 1/4 cup Hair Conditioner 

- 1 2/3 cups Baking Soda

Elsa's squeaky clean snow is not only fun to play with but it can also make washing your hands so much fun! To begin, mix your hair conditioner and hand soap together in a small-sized plastic bowl. Put your baking soda in a separate medium sized container and slowly add your conditioner/soap mixture. Add more baking soda if your conditioner is very watery. You want the consistency to be very flaky but still molds together and holds it shape.

And that’s it! It is now time to play! You can use your snow as a bath bomb, you can mold your snow into a snow man and let it harden, use beads and string to make your snowman look however you want! If using it for just play and decorating purposes you can add some glitter or food coloring to make sparkly colored snow! 

Princess Wish Snow Globe

What You Need:

- A Jar (any size) with matching lid (glass or plastic) 

- Glycerin

- Hot glue or Super glue 

- Glitter or Fake snow 

- Toy/Trinkets of your choosing 

- Paint (optional) 


To begin this project, paint and decorate the lid of your jar. Once the paint dries, grab the trinkets of your choice and glue it down to the inside of the lid. I like to add glitter or foam to my lid first to give it more depth (if adding this to the bottom be sure to cover the whole bottom in hot glue before adding your trinkets on top). Let dry. Next, fill your jar with water about 4 cm from the top and add 1-3 drops of glycerin depending on the size of your jar. Next, and your snow and glitter. Before securing your lid onto the jar add a few drops of glue to the lid to insure it stays nicely in place. Give your new snow globe a shake! 

Colors of the Wind Wand

(Child unfamiliar with Pocahontas? You can make these wands any theme you want!)

What You Need:

- Thin Ribbon 

- Wooden Rod or Sticks from Outside 

- Fishing line or strong string 

- Sewing needle  

- Fake leaves or Snowflakes (optional) 

- Tape and/or Hot Glue 

To begin, cut your ribbon into nice long strips. Let your child pick 3-4 strips of ribbon

(about 10 -20 cm long) for their wands. Tie your ribbon to the top of your wooden rod or stick (apply a small amount of glue where the ribbon touches the rod for a stronger wand). Add your snowflakes or leaves by glueing (hot or super glue work best) to the end of the ribbon. Have your child use glitter and glue around the base of the wand for an even cuter look!

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