Crafting Ideas

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Crafts are a fun way to spend the day with your child, to help build their motor skills, and to add a fun and inexpensive activity to any princess or superhero party.

Ariel Sensory Wave Bottles

What You Need:

- A Clear Plastic Bottle with Lid 

- Water

- Plastic Wrap 

- Tape and/or Glue 

- 1 TBSP of Vegetable Oil 

- 1-2 Drops Blue Food Dye 

- Sand

- Sea Shells

- Loose Glitter 

- Beads 

- Small rocks 

- Any little thingamabobs you have laying around that you want to add to your bottle!

To begin, fill our bottle a little over halfway with water. Next, add in your sand, rocks, beads, and shells. About 4-5 cm of your treasures covering the bottom of the bottle will do! Next add the vegetable oil to your bottle. Add the lid to your bottle and give it a little shake until all the object mix together. Next, open your bottle back up and add your glitter. When your glitter is in there, fill the rest of the bottle up to the top with water (leaving about 3 cm of air at the top). Next, use the plastic wrap to cover the opening at the top of the bottle, if using glue, put glue around the grooves inside of the lid and screw on tight, then tape around the top of the lid and bottle. If using only tape be sure you secure the top in place with a few layers of tape! 

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