Budgeting and your Child's Birthday

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Having a fantastic party on a budget is a lot easier than most people think! Birthdays are a big deal in our household but so is saving money. Find out below the best ways to save on your child's special day.


If you've ever talked to anyone in finance they will tell you the first step in saving money is budgeting. Your birthday party will need the following items and you should decide how much money you are willing to spend in each area before you begin your planning: Decor, Entertainment, Food, and Venue.


Decorating is the first step to saving money for your child's birthday. Fantastic and over-the-top decor is gorgeous and really does make a party look outstanding, however, it is possible to be over-the-top decor and save a few dollars in the meantime. An appropriate amount to spend you might look to spend at a party with 20-30 guests is around $50 for decor. This includes plates, napkins, silverware, tabletop decor, backdrop, and table runner. Take a trip to your local dollar store with the birthday girl (or boy!) they will LOVE getting to choose the colors for their party. Instead of choosing licensed characters - save money but choose a color scheme (3 colors usually gives the best look) and go from there. If you are having a Frozen Themed party I would recommend blue, purple, and white as the color scheme (for Ariel choose purple, green and red). After you have chosen your plates, napkins, and silverware you can think about centerpieces for the table. Centerpieces do not have to be expenses. Check out our "craft ideas" blog for ideas about centerpieces that you and your child can make! Next you will want to think about a fun photo area. You have a couple of options for this: a character licensed backdrop, a generic backdrop, or a pretty spot outside in good lighting with no backdrop. If you take a look at our website, you will notice that all of our characters had their photos taken in my backyard next to my tree line. I love how uniform and simple the background looks. I used to pay hundreds of dollars every year for nice venues for my photos and when I discovered I could do this at home it was a big deal! For a generic backdrop look, try making your own balloon arch. There are lots of Youtube videos for how to create these masterpieces on a budget.

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