Cast Members



Emilee began working with Becky designing Southern Belle in May of 2017. Emilee is a star performer and blows away crowds with her ballet, tap, jazz, and multiple other dance styles. She has choreographed many shows and Emilee is an accomplished singer that has played the lead in many local musicals.


Journey has been with Southern Belle Princess Parties since July of 2018. Journey always knew that she wanted to be a princess performer and a broadway star since she was a child. Journey has stared in multiple theater productions including the part of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Journey is an accomplished singer and actress.


Kama began working for Southern Belle in August of 2017 and is our most booked performer! Kama is great with children and  is a retired gymnastics, swim, and dance coach. Kama has experience singing in front of large crowds at her church and performing skits with her sorority. 

Becky began Southern Belle Princess Parties in February of 2017 after working as a character performer at Walt Disney World. Becky has a passion for entertainment and has work experience in film, music, and children's education. 


Mariah has been with Southern Belle since April of 2018. Mariah has been a cheerleader her entire life and even has an adult she has never let her fire for performing dwindle. Mariah is a cheerleader for the Atlanta Gladiators, has been featured in multiple T.V. roles and enjoys dance in her free time.


Payton began working for Southern Belle in October of 2018. Payton has always dreamed of becoming a princess and making magic for children after a trip to Disney World changed her life. In High School, Payton participated in productions including: Grease, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, and Cinderella. Payton has experience in dance and professional makeup.


Maria has been with Southern Belle since October of 2017. Maria has performed in many school plays including Charlie Brown. Maria is a strong performer, and hopes that her bilingual skills can help bring entertainment to children of all cultural backgrounds. Maria hopes to one day make it big in the film industry. 


Sarah began working with Southern Belle in 2019. Sarah works full time as an actress both with Southern Belle and the film community. Sarah has held the lead role in in multiple theater productions and has a  degree in musical theater. 


Alana has been a princess performer for many years. She originally performed at Princess with a Purpose and was welcomed with open arms to Southern Belle after PWAP's closing. Alana is currently in school for musical theater and is a full time performer for the Perry Players. Alana has been the lead in many shows including The Little 


Abigail has been a performer all her life! She is currently in school for musical theater. She dreams of broadway and being a theater director one day. Abigail has been involved in many shows and has training in voice, dance, acting, directing, choreography, and ukuele. 


Emma has been a princess performer since 2018. She has worked for multiple princess companies and is a talented singer and performer! Emma has a passion for teaching children and has volunteered in many children's programs. Emma is currently enrolled in school for musical theater. 


Myah joined Southern Belle in July of 2019. Myah is currently in high school and loves to sing and dance. She has been a dance instructor for over five years! Myah is also fluent in ASL. She has been involved in several school plays and loves getting to bring magic to children!


Molly has dreamed of becoming a princess for years and she is so excited to be living out that dream at Southern Belle! Molly is an exceptional talented singer and performers. Molly is currently enrolled in school for cosmetology. Makeup is her passion. 


Rachelle has been with Southern Belle Princess Parties since February of 2018. She is another former Disney World performer and has many film credits including Miley Cyrus's personal stand-in, Miley Cyrus's concert double, and the Hannah Montana singer at Walt Disney World. Rachelle has been princessing for over 5-years and is an accomplished mermaid performer. 


Ashlynn joined Southern Belle Princess Parties in 2019. Ashlynn has a degree in musical theater and teaches voices lessons professionally. Ashlynn has performed in many shows and absolutely loves all things performing! 


Maia has been with Southern Belle since 2019. Maia is an accomplished makeup artist and performer. Maia is often complimented on her singing voice. She has been accepted into NYU and will be working for Southern Belle seasonally as she pursues her dreams in New York. 


Sarah started the company Princess Party Chicago over 7 years ago - before "princess companies" were really heard of. Sarah's mother is a vocal teacher who taught her all about voice when she was young. Sarah is an accomplished actress and business owner and loves bringing magic and joy to little ones! 


Daral joined Southern Belle Princess Parties in October of 2017 and has been a favorite at parties ever since. Daral is an accomplished cosplayer and has won several awards and different cons. Daral has experience working with children at his church and is pictured as Maui on our website. 


Austin joined Southern Belle in June of 2018. Austin is a theater major and has been performing in shows his entire life. Austin is a full-time actor and his favorite role was the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. 


Jack is currently a student at Columbus State University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Playing different characters brings joy to Jack because he knows he is making a child’s dreams come true. Jack I hope to inspire many children to continue to chase their dreams and always keep the magic alive.


Nancy joined Southern Belle Princess Parties in June of 2019. She is currently in college for a B.A in Performing Arts, focusing in musical theatre, opera, and film. Nancy has certification as an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, in Adult & Pediatric CPR, and hopes to teach yoga and cardio kickboxing along with her career as a performer. It’s a dream come true for Nancy to be a princess & she can’t wait for all the fun adventures to come!


Brooke has been best friends with Becky since they were 12 years old. Brooke has worked with Southern Belle since its opening in 2017. Brooke is currently enrolled in school for Physical Therapy and loves to spend her free time with her two nephews! Brooke works for Southern Belle as a manger/character attendant. 


Like Brooke, Mikaela has been best friends with Becky since they were 12 years old. Mikaela has worked with Southern Belle since its opening in 2017. Mikaela has been a dance instructor for more than 5 years and spends most of her free time with her son and her neices and nephews. Mikaela works for Southern Belle as a manager/character attendant. 


Angela has been with southern Belle since summer of 2018. Angela is a kind-heart who loves performing more than anything! Angela spends her free time volunteering, being creative, and working as an actress in the film industry! 


Travis is a high school history teacher and wrestling coach. He is great with children and can often be found hanging out with his nephew. Travis has experience acting from his school days. Travis works hard to perfect all of his characters. 


Tyler has worked with princess companies around Georgia for over 7 years! Tyler is an accomplished singer, performer, and photographer. When Tyler is not working with Southern Belle he is a florist and wedding decorator. 


Lauren has been princess performing for over 5 years. Lauren was Becky's roommate at Disney World and also worked as a character performer at Disney. Lauren owns the company, Princess Party Chicago, which is the sister company of Southern Belle Princess Parties. Lauren often visits Becky in Atlanta (and Becky in Chicago!) and the two of them work for the other's company when they visit. 


Skyler joined Southern Belle in April of 2019. She loves creating magical moments and memories for little ones. She has been performing as a princess for just over a year and frequently volunteers to create special experiences for children in need of a little magic. Before princessing, Skyler was a competitive dancer for almost 10 years.

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All of our characters are based off public domain fairy-tale characters and in no way reflect copy written materials from any other company.