Meet the Team


Becky, Founder

Becky began Southern Belle Princess Parties in February of 2017 after working as a character performer at Walt Disney World. Becky has a passion for entertainment and has work experience in film, music, and children's education.


Myah, Customer Service

Myah joined Southern Belle in July of 2019. Myah  loves to sing and dance. She has been a dance instructor for over six years! Myah is also fluent in ASL. She has been involved in several school plays and loves getting to bring magic to children!


Journey, Wig Stylist

Journey has been with Southern Belle Princess Parties since July of 2018. Journey always knew that she wanted to be a princess performer since she was a child. Journey has stared in multiple theater productions including the part of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. 

Hawley Penfold Headshot #1.JPG

Hawley, Marketing

Hawley has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, including both music and theatre, and can be seen in multiple national commercials. She has worked as a character performer 4 years working in Colorado, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Hawley has also received critical acclaim for her film endeavors from The Young Artist Academy. She runs our social media as well as sending out our newsletters.


Maria, Performer of 5+ years 

Maria has been with Southern Belle since October of 2017. Maria has performed in many school plays including Charlie Brown. Maria is a strong performer, and hopes that her bilingual skills can help bring entertainment to children of all cultural backgrounds. Maria hopes to one day make it big in the film industry. 


Kama, Performer of
5+ years

Kama began working for Southern Belle in August of 2017 and is our most booked performer! Kama is great with children and  is a retired gymnastics, swim, and dance coach. Kama has experience singing in front of large crowds at her church and performing skits. Kama has a degree in Engineering and wishes to be a "full-time princess."


Mikaela, Manager of 5+ years

Mikaela has been best friends with Becky since they were 12 years old. Mikaela has worked with Southern Belle since its opening in 2017. Mikaela has been a dance instructor for more than 5 years and spends most of her free time with her son and her nieces and nephews. Mikaela works for Southern Belle as a manager/character attendant. 


Alana, Performer of 5+ years

Alana has been a princess performer for many years. Alana is currently in school for musical theater and is a full time performer for the Perry Players. Alana has been the lead in many shows including Ariel in The Little Mermaid.


Angela, Performer of  4+ years

Angela has been with southern Belle since summer of 2018. Angela is a kind-heart who loves performing more than anything! Angela spends her free time volunteering, being creative, and working as an actress in the film industry! 


Sarah, Performer of 
4+ years

Sarah began working with Southern Belle in 2019. Sarah works full time as an actress both with Southern Belle and the film community. Sarah has held the lead role in in multiple theater productions and has a  degree in musical theater. 


Rachelle, Performer of 4+ years

Rachelle has been with Southern Belle Princess Parties since February of 2018. She is another former Disney World performer and has many film credits including Miley Cyrus's personal stand-in and the Hannah Montana singer at Walt Disney World. Rachelle has been princessing for over 5-years and is an accomplished mermaid performer. 


Lauren, Performer of 4 + years

Lauren has been princess performing for over 6 years. Lauren was Becky's roommate at Disney World and also worked as a character performer at Disney. Lauren owns the company, Princess Party Chicago, which is the sister company of Southern Belle Princess Parties. Lauren often visits Becky in Atlanta (and Becky in Chicago!) and the two of them work for the other's company when they visit. 


Sarah, Performer of  4+ years

Sarah started the company Princess Party Chicago over 8 years ago - before "princess companies" were really heard of. Sarah's mother is a vocal teacher who taught her all about voice when she was young. Sarah is an accomplished actress and business owner and loves bringing magic and joy to little ones! 


Meg, Performer of 3+ Years

Meg is so excited to be performing with Southern Belle! Meg has a BFA from Central Michigan University, and has just finished as an acting apprentice at Atlanta’s Aurora Theatre. Meg’s favorite Atlanta credits include Christmas Canteen and Cat in the Hat with Aurora Theatre. Meg Johns also performed as Sally in the National Tour of Cat in the Hat. 


Ross, Performer of  3+ Years

Ross is an Atlanta-based Renaissance man of the arts, having worked as an actor, voiceover artist, DJ, sound engineer, impressionist, magician, and more. He's also fond of long walks on the beach and animals wearing people clothes


Nancy, Performer of 3+ years

Nancy joined Southern Belle Princess Parties in June of 2019. She is currently in college for a B.A in Performing Arts, focusing in musical theatre, opera, and film. Nancy has certification as an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, in Adult & Pediatric CPR, and hopes to teach yoga and cardio kickboxing along with her career as a performer. 


Leah, Performer of 3+ years

Leah is so excited to be performing with Southern Belle Princess Parties! She was a professional ballet dancer and ballet teacher before moving to Orlando where she has spent the past fifteen years as a dancer and character performer at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. She has performed in musicals with several Orlando theater companies and in the PattyCake Productions YouTube series.


Madison, Performer of 3 + years

Madison has had a passion for acting since she was a child. Delighted to perform, she loves participating in events with Southern Belle Princess Parties and interacting with the kids. You would be likely to find her singing Disney songs, student teaching in an elementary school, or at rehearsal.


Hayden, Performer of 3+ years

Hayden has been singing Disney songs since she was two years old. She is an award winning musical theatre actress for productions such as Little Women and Into the Woods. Hayden has big Broadway dreams and can’t wait for a turn on “The Great Bright Way.”


Harrison, Performer of 3+ years

Harrison has a passion for cosplay and performing. Harrison is a volunteer for the Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta and has many of his own costumes. Harrison enjoys doing couple-cosplays with his wife. 


Haley, Performer of 2+ years

Haley has been performing with Southern Belle since March of 2021. Haley is a full-time graduate student at Richmont Graduate University and has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Valdosta State University. She has held lead roles in shows such as The Music Man, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast, and has extensive experience teaching and performing for children. In her free time, Haley loves snuggling with her dog Jake and traveling!


Jessica, Performer of 3+ years

Jessica is currently a junior at Emory University studying Nursing with hopes of focusing on pediatrics. Jessica’s passion for helpings kids and love for Disney ever since she was little are what inspired her to get involved in princess performing. Jessica also has experience with both performing and directing theatrical productions, and she plays five instruments! 


Chris, Performer of 2+ years

Chris is a lifelong performer in various guises. His acting roles include Tony in West Side Story, Emmett in Legally Blonde, and Rolf on The Sound of Music. He is also an amateur ballroom dancer with over 5 years of competition experience and a percussionist. When he's not working with Southern Belle, Chris is studying for his PhD in mathematics.


Jake, Performer of 2+ years

Jake graduated in May of 2020 with a BFA in Theatre Performance. He has a passion for film and the arts. His goal is to become a full-time voiceover and film actor. He loves working with Southern Belle as another opportunity to play some characters and brighten people’s days.


Jade, Performer 

Jade is so excited to have joined the Southern Belle Princess Party team! She received her BFA in Acting from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and currently works in the film/tv industry here in Atlanta. She has also worked in childcare for 6+ years and is over the moon to work for a company that combines her two passions and makes fairytales come true!


Brie, Performer 

Kabrelyn “Brie” Boyce is a professional singer, songwriter performer, and educator. After an internship with the Walt Disney World Co., Brie discovered her passion for children and the arts! She holds a B.A. from the University of Central Arkansas and her credits include membership into the 2021 Recording Academy, music and voice work in PBS, Kit-Kat, Tyler Perry Studios and Arkansas Tourism.


Erica, Performer 

Erica is brand new to Atlanta and excited to bring magic to your event!  She moved here from Orlando where she spent 5 years as a singer, dancer, and character performer at Walt Disney World in their shows, parades, and meet & greets.  Prior to Orlando, Erica grew up and worked in theater companies around Denver, Colorado.  She spent her childhood studying ballet and tap, then became a dance teacher and choreographer for children’s theater companies.  Erica went on to study broadcast journalism and theater in college, and is now pursuing the Atlanta film and television industry. 


Allee, Performer 

Allee started with Southern Belle in August of 2021, and is so excited to be part of the team! She has been performing for over 10 years, some of her favorite credits include Sally Brown (YAGMCB) and Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz). She is also a swim instructor and in her spare time an avid reader, dog mom, and huge nerd. 


Dawson, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon


Brenda, Performer 

Brenda has been with Southern Belle since July of 2021. A graduate from Ball State University in Musical Theatre, Brenda is an actress and an athlete that loves being able to bring joy to others and share her passion for performing. Brenda has opened in concert for Disney vocalist and voice actor, Lea Saratoga. 


Julia, Performer 

Julia studied dance at Kennesaw state university. She also has a past of theatre and has performed in countless shows! Julia is a full time florist, but couldn’t give up performing for good. She loves watching children’s faces light up when she’s performing.


Milae, Performer 

Milae Wilson is a Graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design pursuing her Master’s Degree in Luxury and Brand Management. With an extensive background in customer service, She enjoys assisting characters wherever necessary while maintaining a professional demeanor with all that she does. 

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Kayla, Performer 

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Jake, Performer 

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Haley, Performer 

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Kristina, Performer 

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Brie, Performer 

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Joe, Performer 

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Maddy, Performer 

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Dawson, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon

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Brie, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon

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Joe, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon

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Maddy, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon

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Dawson, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon


Taylor, Performer 

Taylor began performing for Southern Belle in August 2021. When she was little it was her dream to be a Disney princess, so she loves getting to fulfill her dream and bring magic to the children of Atlanta. Taylor recently graduated from the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing her master's degree at Brenau University to be a Child Psychologist. She has been heavily involved in the instrumental, dramatic, and vocal arts and has had several leading roles in school and church musicals including Charlie Brown, Band Geeks, and more.


Jen, Performer 

Jen has been performing since she was able to dress up and make-believe as a little girl. This led to performing in theatre in college and earning her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. She has since written, directed, performed, and produced theatre and musical theatre. During college, she took a job for a similar company based in Mississippi in 2014. She's been a princess ever since! Currently, she works in full-time ministry but feels so blessed to get to use her gifts and talents to make children's dreams come true all over Atlanta. 


Ethan, Performer 

Ethan graduated with a bachelors of Science in Biology. Ethan was previously a music major for a year, and was in various performing arts throughout high school, including guitar performance. Ethan's full time job is a fellow in the National Salmonella Reference Laboratory at the CDC.


Amber, Performer 

Theatre has been a part of Amber’s life for as long she’s been alive, starting at 10 months old. She is a graduate of Georgia Gwinnett College with a major in English Literature and a minor in Theatre. She’s been working with SBPP since October of 2019. She also helps run a volunteer group dedicated to sending costumed volunteers out to children’s hospitals and various organizations benefiting children called Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta. As a disabled performer, it’s been her lifelong goal to inspire other disabled performers to pursue their goals, and she is proud to be a part of Southern Belle to do so!


 Daral, Performer of 4+ Years

Daral joined Southern Belle Princess Parties in October of 2017 and has been a favorite at parties ever since. Daral is an accomplished cosplayer and has won several awards and different cons. Daral has experience working with children at his church and is pictured as Maui on our website. 


Leia, Performer 

Leia is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a bachelors in Child and Family Development. She is pursuing a certification as a Child Life Specialist. Leia enjoys performing in musicals and cooking new recipes in her spare time.


Michelle, Manager

Michelle has worked in the entertainment industry for 5 years. She worked for 3 years with Gaylord Entertainment as a character attendant and has also worked as a production assistant on numerous film sets. 


Haley, Performer

Haley has been performing for over 10 years, and princessing since I was in high school! Haley loves to have fun in character and try to make each performance better than the last. Making magic with people is what character performing is all about, so she try my best to make sure each interaction with our clients is as engaging and fun as she possibly can. Every performance is a new opportunity to make something amazing!

Kat Stoneback Headshot10.25.jpg

Kat, Performer 

Kat joined the team in 2021 after moving to Atlanta for the thriving arts community. She holds her BFA in THeatre Arts and has been performing at princess parties since 2016. She is elated to continue spreading magic with Southern Belle and the adventures that await.  


Hannah, Performer 

Performer Bio Coming Soon


Maelee, Performer 

Maelee is so excited to be part of the Southern Belle team. She has a passion for entertainment and loves to see the smiles on children’s faces when they see their favorite character walk in the room. She is a local high school student and frequently performs in musical theater shows with community theater. When not on the stage or working you can find her on the soccer field, at her church, or participating in school activities. 


Lindsey, Performer 

Lindsey is a Theatre and Performance Studies major at Kennesaw State University, with a concentration in acting. She is also pursuing a minor in film.She was a Co-President of the theatre troupe at her high school and graduated as a Five-Star Thespian.

Lindsey’s future plans include working her way up in the film industry!


Kayla, Performer 

Kayla discovered her passion for musical theatre in the third grade and has been pursuing a career in performance ever since. Paired with her love of Disney, being a part of Southern Belle Princess Parties is a dream come true for her! She remembers the magic of meeting her favorite characters as a child and is always excited to spread that same joy to other children. 


Savannah, Performer 

Savannah has been a princess party performer for over 4 years, starting off in Boca Raton, FL. She just recently moved to Atlanta to pursue film acting. She is beyond excited to be a part of Southern Belle!


Nick, Performer 

Nick is very excited to work with the Southern Belle Princess Team in bringing the magic of Disney to kids located within a two-hour radius of Chamblee, Georgia. He just graduated from Florida State University where he learned how to whistle and, on a separate occasion, received a BFA degree in Acting. Nick currently serves in an after-school program called “Happy Feet,” where he teaches sports to a group of preschoolers/future Olympians. This princess job has motivated Nick to work on his “smolder." 


Will, Performer 

Will is currently studying to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre. He loves working with others and seeing people’s faces light up. When he’s not working, he loves running the behind the scenes for his community theater and the other local theater organizations. Will is also still very involved with his former high school drama club. Will loves the entertainment industry and serves its needs actively wherever he goes. 


Magda, Performer 

Magda is an Atlanta based actor and teaching artist, and an alumna of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre. Currently, she works as a voice and piano teacher with Atlanta Music Education as well as living out her princess dreams with Southern Belle Princess Parties!


Lee, Performer

Lee joined Southern Belle in March 2022, and has had a passion for working with kids since she was 14. She has years of teaching experience through multiple summer camps and was highly involved in her high school theater program. She loves to sing and play music, and her bubbly personality shines through in all of her performances.


Emma, Performer

Emma has been a princess actress for 2 years. Working with Southern Belle since May of 2022. Emma is currently a senior majoring in children's animation production.

She has done theater productions as well as costume and makeup competitions. Emma’s passion is making magic for children of all ages through preforming!

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 3.34.17 PM 1.png

Erin, Performer

Erin North is so excited to be apart of the magic here at Southern Belle! Erin is an emerging singer, actor, dancer, & model. She recently graduated with her BA in Theatre & Performance Studies from Kennesaw State University, with a concentration in Acting & a minor in Dance. Outside of performance, you’ll find her practicing pilates & yoga, thrifting, playing video games, reading, cuddling cats, & singing around the house!


Nahla, Performer 

Nahla has always had a mirage of interests, including all things Disney! She has been apart of several productions including Into the Woods, Paradise Blue, and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. She holds the title of a Multicultural Assistant Strategist on a day-to-day basis, helping to cultivate more inclusive spaces for minorities in media. On weekends however, she fully embraces her theatrical background as a Princess for Southern Belle.

7DE3C112-B3BA-4CE4-B1DE-29CA335A4385 - Ariana Coffman.jpeg

Ariana, Performer 

Ariana enjoy’s musical theater and has been in numerous school plays including playing Gabriella in High School Musical, Nala from The Lion King, and so much more. Performing has always been a huge part of her life. She currently attends college and hoping to major in Psychology. In her free time she also is a Nanny and a Pet Sitter. Ariana is so excited to work for Southern Belle!

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 3.40.41 PM.png

Nia, Performer 

Nia Faith is a Georgia peach who loves acting & film making. She may be young, but Nia strives to set a positive example for the youth, proving that with Faith, no dream is impossible. Nia brings positivity to her community by volunteering with senior citizens & babysitting. Nia loves to leave sparkle everywhere she goes & is excited to create magic as a Southern Belle Princess.


Tate, Performer 

Bio Coming Soon 


Kalynn, Performer 

Kalynn started working with Southern Belle Princess Parties in 2022. She graduated the Barbizon modeling and acting classes and has since then been a haunted house scare actor and played many princesses. When she is not being a princess she is either painting or reading. She hopes to go further into the acting industry and also become a tattoo artist.


Cameron, Performer 

Bio Coming Soon


Madison, Performer 

Bio coming soon


Sebastian, Performer 

Sebastian is an Atlanta-based actor and recently graduated with a BA in Theatre & Performance Studies from Kennesaw State University, with a concentration in Musical Theatre & a minor in Dance. Theatre has always been Sebastian's greatest passion and they are extremely grateful to pursue performance as a career. They thrive performing for audiences of all ages and delight in seeing children smile with Southern Belle.


Daniela, Performer 

Daniela Ramos (Dani) is so thrilled to be a part of the Southern Belle Cast! She is currently studying Theatre and Performance Studies at Kennesaw State University and is active in the Atlanta Theatre scene. She has performed in theatre since she was very young and her love for performing has only grown since. She also loves dancing, singing, cosplaying, clowning, and being a cat mom! She hopes to bring plenty of magic to little ones special days all across Georgia!

mmexport1651015011139 - 赵Jonny.jpg

Jonny, Performer 

Jonny graduated with a bachelor's of science in communication and focus on theatrical production. He later went on to teach theatre at ELCA until he moved to China to teach at Qilu University. Currently his focus is in production and videography while enjoying performance arts on the side.

506CF28A-DD1B-4109-8C9C-0EA7995E8EFB - John Brandon.jpeg

John, Performer 

John has recently graduated high school and is ready to begin his life. Throughout high school he participated in theatre and graduated as his Thespian Troupe President. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and going on hikes.

MonicaJoelleOrtiz_Headshot 2 - Monica Joelle Ortiz.jpg

Monica, Performer 

Former performer at Disney World now turned actor and content creator with a passion to help further representation and inclusion in not so diverse spaces.

1A1478B5-7EAF-4D4C-BBEF-1C3852B5BBE5 - Katrina Salzer.jpeg

Katrina, Performer 

Katrina is so excited to join the Southern Belle Princess Party team! Prior to moving to Atlanta, Katrina was a dancer and character performer at Walt Disney World for 5 years. She can’t wait to continue making magic with Southern Belle!



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