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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking  a party for your child's special day can be stressful! We have worked hard at Southern Belle Princess Parties to assure that the entertainment aspect of your child's party is as stress free as possible!

1. If you visit the "Characters" tab on our website you can see a list of all our characters! If you click on any of the pictures of the character it will take you to a page that will show the outfits that your favorite character comes in AND a list of performers that play that character!

2. Next, visit our "Party Packages" page and find a party package that works best for you! Our 60 minute option is the most popular and includes singing (all our girls are professionally trained), dancing, story-time, princess lessons, a tiara and certificate, a coronation ceremony, pictures, and more! 

3. After you have chosen your desired package choose the "Contact/Booking" tab and then click "Booking Form" this form will ask you for information that we need for booking your party or checking availability! If you pick "book now" and we are available we will go ahead and send you an invoice for your party so that you can get all booked! We only consider you booked once your minimum deposit amount is paid. If we are not available at your requested date/time we will send you a list of available characters/alternate times in order to accommodate your needs best. 

4. If you choose to book, we require a 30% deposit minimum at the time of booking to reserve your party. The remaining balance is due at least 48 hours before the party and you're welcome to pay on it however you wish! We use Paypal Business for our invoices so that you know you are always secure.

5. Once the deposit is paid you will receive an automatic email confirming your payment and that is when we will consider you all booked! We will email you again about three days before your party to confirm all your information one last time. 


Why should we book with Southern Belle Princess Parties?

We pride ourselves in quality costumes and authentic experiences. We only use high-quality fabrics and costumes for our characters. Our wigs are restyled after almost every use so your character's appearance will look just as it does in the pictures on our website. Our performers are all theatrically trained and have experience working with children. Nothing makes us happier than the smile on a child's face when they see their favorite character and truly believe they are real. 


Is the person pictured going to be the actual performer at my party?

Most of the time! Your performer will be pictured on our website. We only use ethnically authentic performers for our characters. The person pictured will most likely be the one at your party, but we cannot guarantee a certain performer. Performers are scheduled based on availability. Every character has an understudy scheduled so that if your scheduled performer cannot make it to your party we will not have to cancel! 


How far in advance should I book?

In order to guarantee your desired date/time/character, we ask that you book at least 4-6 weeks in advance. We do, however, take last minute books and we will do our best to get you the character at the time that you desire! 


Do boys have fun at these parties??

Our princesses are mostly geared towards girls, but our games and activities are gendered inclusive. We also offer many male characters to accompany our princesses if you want to guarantee the interest of your male guests! 


Where do you recommend we have our party?

Due to the expensive nature our costumes and wigs, our preference is to hold parties at locations such as: a home environment, community centers, private rooms at restaurants, etc…backyards can make a very beautiful setting, however, we ask that in the event of rain, extreme heat, or wind, our performers be provided with an indoor setting. Parks are also lovely, but often children want to play on the playground instead of be involved in the performance- this is fine with us, but we might not get to all the scheduled events in this situation. We have found small parties in the home to be the most successful. Pool parties, water-slides, are not good for our costumed characters (with the exception of our mermaids). 

Please refer to our client contract pages for a list of our full policies, and please feel free to contact us with any extra questions!

Client Contract and Policies

Mermaid Contract and Policies



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All of our characters are based off public domain fairy-tale characters and in no way reflect copy written materials from any other company.